Tips & Tricks

Territory Capture
Building towers pushes your deployment area forward so you can place troops closer to the enemy base. Holding both rear towers creates a larger deployment area than holding just one.

Strikes like the TIE bomber and the Y-wing strike are excellent for taking out groups of troops closely huddled together. They’re also brilliant for taking out towers that have already been damaged.

Special Abilities
Champion cards like Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker have strong Special Abilities that take time to recharge. When your Champion card lights up, you can trigger their Special Ability, so keep an eye on it! Tap and hold Champion cards to preview the radius of effect. Champions can soak up some damage too, so use them to head up the charge!

The key to winning is to use your energy efficiently. Take out a group of costly opponent troops with a cheaper one-shot and you'll gain an Energy advantage.

Make sure you choose the right tower for the job! Which troops does your enemy have? A Flame Tower is great for clearing a swarm of ground-based enemies, but won’t do any damage against Air Units. Turbolaser and Particle Beam towers are both good options if you need to defend against both Air and Ground Units.

Exploit Your Enemy's Weakness
Even the strongest fighters have weaknesses! Luke Skywalker’s Special Ability prevents him from hitting targets behind him, so deploy your troops strategically to outmanoeuvre him. Darth Vader’s Force Slam only affects ground troops, so deploy Air Units if your opponent brings him into battle.

Build Up A Force
Swiping on the battlefield will pull the camera back so you can deploy troops closer to your base. Although this leaves your front-line unguarded, you can build up a larger force before your troops meet the enemy.

Tanks and Ranged Troops
Large units like the AT-AT and the Clone Turbo Tank ignore troops and go straight for towers. They can absorb a lot of damage, so consider shielding your ranged troops by placing them behind these units.

Air Units
The Probe Droid and the Duros Alliance Fighter are Air Units, meaning they can fly and can’t be damaged by Flame Towers, melee troops, or bomb troopers.